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After spending two years researching Cassandras and the tragedies they predicted but failed to prevent, the value of finding and listening to Cassandras is poignantly obvious to us, the authors of Warnings. We looked at many instances where experts had repeatedly tried to warn the public of impending disaster, only to be ignored. While we think the book will open some eyes to the importance of Cassandras, we need to do more to create awareness and incentives to identify the Cassandras hidden amongst us.

To find these ignored but credible warnings, we are launching an annual “Cassandra Award.” Our goal is to elevate, every year, a new Cassandra into the public spotlight to convince decision makers that they should take this person (and threat) more seriously.

The winner of the Cassandra Award will be chosen by the Cassandra Award Board, made up of experts and high profile figures such as General Michael Hayden, Ambassador Frank Wisner, and Meredith Whitney.


The Cassandra Award Foundation has presented the Cassandra Award to Tristan Harris, Founder of the Center for Humane Technology, for his warnings on the social media emergency.

The Award has also been presented to Dr. Alan Robock, Distinguished Professor of Environmental Sciences, Rutgers University, for his warnings on the climatic consequences of nuclear conflict.


The winner of the Cassandra Award will be an expert that most closely aligns with the Cassandra Characteristics outlined in Warnings. This means the Cassandra will:

  1. Be a proven technical expert in his or her field
  2. Have a clean track record of predictions
  3. Be empirically minded and data driven
  4. Be an orthogonal thinker, i.e. will be addressing their cause from a new perspective
  5. Address an issue that threatens to significantly disrupt society

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